Ipad has a good map app already installed.

Interesting ”to play with” is that you can get the app to ”fly over” a city and show how it looks. However, this only applies to larger cities.

If the children have been travelling, it can be fun to see where it is and how it looks.

Keep in mind that the time to go there says more than the distance in kilometers for the children.

Are Things Too Slow?

Do you want to show how the plant grows, or how a flower opens up? As you know, it goes pretty slowly. Then try a so-called TimeLapse app that makes the process seem much faster.

Three apps to try are LapseIT,  Osnap! eller iMotion.

The last one can also create stop-motion movies, i.e. put together individual pictures so that it becomes like a movie.

Tip: Try to put your iPad in the same place every day in a window and take a picture. If you put it together you get a picture of how the weather has changed throughout the school year!