The math memory works like a regular memory. Players take turns flipping two optional mugs. You should try to find a number that matches the number of pearls. If the mugs you have turned over do not form a pair, you turn the mugs upside down again. If the mugs are turned upside down in a pair, the player may take the mugs and count them as a pair.

What is the purpose of the game?
The purpose of math memory is to help children connect number (that which is abstract) with number of objects (that which is concrete). The game should help the children learn to recognize numbers and connect it with a concrete amount. Doverborg and Emanuelsson and Björklund  write about the concept of subitizing, which means that you can perceive numbers without counting. They believe that subitization is about an automated relationship between arithmetic words and some type of speech image. ”Subitisation is generally assumed to be the basis for arithmetic, because it presupposes an idea of ​​the relative size of quantities, that is, a sense of whether one quantity is greater or less than another.” 

The math memory helps the children to practice their ability to estimate numbers and it helps them to become better at number perception. The math memory consists of mugs that you have to turn over and it is important to pair the right number with the right number of beads. I have placed the beads as the dots are placed on a dice. The purpose is to make it easier for children to perceive the amount of pearls because the dots of the dice are placed in patterns that are easy to perceive.

How to make the game?
You can use disposable mugs where you stick beads or a piece of paper at the bottom of each mug. You can replace the beads with other objects, but it is important to remember to have the same type of object (for example buttons) so that the children are not confused. are different objects. When choosing mugs, keep in mind that it is important that the child has room to stick their fingers down and touch the beads. This is because many children want to touch the objects they are counting.

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