Objective: Recognize visual speech patterns; compare numbers to determine the larger value and associate number names, quantities and written numbers.

Materials: Cards with different ways of representing numbers, such as numbers, dots, dice, shapes, etc.

Number of players: 2


  1. Divide the cards evenly and place them face up in a pile in front of them.
  2. The game is played in rounds. In each round:
    a. Turn the card over and say the number on the card.
    b. Players compare the numbers to see who has the highest value.
    c. The player with the highest value ”catches” the other card and places it on a rubbish heap.
    When all cards are played, players count their cards in the rubbish pile. This step can be skipped if you want to avoid the competition situation.


  • The players compare cards and the player with the lowest value wins the round.
  • Play add-catch with two cards and the one with the highest amount wins the round.

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