Go fish

Materials: Deck of subitizing cards with quantities 0-10

How to Play:
• Deal each player 5 cards. The rest of the deck is then spread out
facedown to create a “fishpond” between the players.
• Before starting the game, all of the players put any pairs they
happen to have in their hand down and earn a point for each
• Each player gets a turn to ask another player if they have a
particular card. For example, on you turn, if you have a card with
five dots, you would ask your opponent if they also have a five
card. If they have a five, they give you the card. If they don’t have
a five, they say, “Go fish!” If you get a five from the pond, you put
the pair out in front of you. If you don’t get a five, you keep the
drawn card in your hand. Play continues until all the cards are
• Players get one point for each pair of cards. The player with the
most points wins the game.
• You can use chips or a ten frame to keep track of points. One chip
for each pair.



  • One More Than– play with a deck of cards 0-9. Players ask for a
    card that is one more than a card in their hand. For example, if
    you have a three card in your hand, then you ask your opponent
    for a card with four.
  • Tens Go Fish – This game is just like regular Go Fish, but with a twist. Instead of matching pairs with the same numbers, match pairs whose sum is ten.

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