Shapes around you

Look for different geometric shapes and record them with a video camera. The aim of the exercise is to observe the environment and think about the meaning of geometric shapes in the environment and in visual communication. This exercise will help you to integrate videography into your mathematics teaching.

Use a video camera to film different shapes (circle, triangle, square). Look for shapes made by humans, animals and natural forces.

Each object to be filmed is first shown in extreme close-up. The camera is then moved away from the object until it is fully visible. Film 10 different objects.

The group’s task can be to look for either similar shapes or as many different shapes as possible. The pictures can also be used as photo-references: When viewing, the teacher can pause the picture with the pause button when there is a close-up of the object in the picture. Students can guess which object it is. The teacher then starts the video and the object is revealed.

Idea taken from Kamerakynäpakka: Matematiikka (

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