Ice sculptures

While winter still lasts – why not try making ice sculptures (this also works when it’s not snow – you make the ice in the freezer)

Do like this:

  1. Fill deep plastic plates and bowls of different sizes with water.
  1. Put the containers in the freezer. (For clearer ice, use boiled water that has cooled.)
  2. Remove the ice cubes with hot water and place them on a high-edged surface or baking sheet, preferably out in the sun.
  3. Sprinkle a little salt over the ice. Wait a minute and you’ll see how the salt makes cracks on the ice surface.
  4. Pour a little more salt in different places so that cavities and tunnels form on the ice. This will require some time and patience.
  5. Drip liquid watercolor mixed with water over the ice and into the formed cracks to create a nice color effect (if you do this outdoors in cold weather, use warm water).
  6. Let the kids photograph ice artwork one and arrange an exhibition!
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