Build a Sound-Memory


  • A number of cans or containers that do not have to be the same. Film cans, plastic drawers, the small containers that are inside chocolate eggs, pipes that have been effervescent tablets.
  • Things to fill the jars with: popcorn, dry white beans, rice, sand, sugar cubes, screws, gravel, nuts, eraser pieces, etc.

Remember to ”listen off” to the sounds so that the different things do not sound too similar.

Game Rules:

  • Place the different containers on the table.
  • Decide who will start the game.
  • Each player may try two containers at a time.
  • If the sound sounds alike, the player can take the containers as a pair.

Most sound-pairs win!

Game variant:

Bring an odd container, with an odd sound, and play with it as a ”Joker”. Is it really the container with the odd sound in it that is left over at the end?

It can be an advantage if the containers can be opened when the game is over, to see if there really were similar things inside. The sounds will be different if you put popcorn in a plastic container or in a paper box, for example.

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