Fun with air

A bit of fun with air, balloons and cotton balls.

  1. Balloon Sneak
    Place a balloon at one end of the room and sneak up against it. 0m the balloon moves out of the air in the room, you must back until the balloon is still standing, before you can start sneaking on it again. Anyone who reaches the balloon may place it in a new place, so you sneak on!
  2.  Where does the air go when you blow?
    Blowing on a spout of paper or cotton shows how the air gets a direction when pressed out of the mouth through the lips. It is possible to control the direction if you train a little, by blowing from different directions and by moving the hole between the lips. It is also possible to control how far between should come by blowing different hard. Just try it out! To further develop the blowing, you can use straws of various kinds, thin and thick, those that can be angled and those that are straight and the nice squeaky straws can not be forgotten!
    For the more competitive, there are many variants to try. For starters, you can have each to blow and blow one blow each and see who comes closest to the center! A further development of this is to see how many blows each person needs to reach the midpoint. Then you should have decided from the beginning what is the matter, is it a matter of coping with as few blows as possible, or is it about blowing as gently as you can, and thereby getting many blows? Of course, you can also compete by blowing towards the other’s tussle to prevent it from reaching the nest. Admittedly, it becomes more blow hockey than curling, but it’s also fun! If you want to play blow hockey, the thick straws that are led and can bend like a hockey club are usually best. Small targets can be made by placing two stones at a certain distance from each other.
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