Volcanoes & Eruptions

Volcanoes are always fascinating. Here are two variants.

Baking Soda Volcano

Form a volcano of clay. Pour a couple of spoons of baking soda into the crater. Drop in a few drops of caramel color. Take a spoon or pipette and drop in a few drops of vinegar in the baking soda. When the vinegar is dropped into the baking powder, it starts to mill and bubble. The mixture of vinegar and baking powder is poured over the edge of the crater and floats out over the sides of the volcano.

Explanation: The baking powder is a carbonate and consists of salts. All carbonates develop carbon dioxide if poured on an acid, such as vinegar. The carbonate reacts with the acid, which creates the bubbles.

Developments of the experiment

  • Will the volcanic eruption be the same if you pour the vinegar / vinegar first into the crater instead, and then the baking soda?
  • Can the lava carry with you things that you put down in the crater? How heavy can they be? Sugar pellets, sprinkles, paper balls, Native American beads, wooden beads, what can we use?

The volcano in the bottle

Pour baking soda into a bottle (preferably transparent). Place the bottle on a tray. Pour the vinegar into a glass, add some detergent and some caramel color. Stir the mixture. Put the funnel on the bottle and pour into the solution.

Explanation: The vinegar reacts with the baking powder to form carbon dioxide. The detergent will make huge bubbles of carbon dioxide. The bottle becomes full of foam, which eventually overflows!

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