Some LEGO-building ideas


Try this fun symmetry challenge! Set up half a baseplate with an abstract image and have your kiddo complete it using the principles of symmetry!

LEGO Parachute

The mini-figs get to have all the fun! The challenge is to build a parachute from simple supplies that will see them safely land. Can you do it?

LEGO Balloon Car

Build a balloon powered car that really goes! Race your car and see how far to can travel.

LEGO Catapult

Build an awesome LEGO catapult using basic bricks for an easy STEM and physics activity. This fun homemade catapult just about everyone will want to make!

LEGO Marble Maze

Build your own LEGO marble maze. Can you make it all the way through the maze from one end to the other?

All ideas taken from the blog.



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