Animal Statistics

Each student selects an animal and searches for information about it to compile an animal card:

Which animal?
Tail length:  
Life span:  
Conservation status:  

Examine together the different characteristics of the animals by standing in a line or in a queue in order of size according to a certain characteristic.

Survey questions

  • Height: Which of the animals is the tallest? Or the lowest?
  • Lifespan: Which of the animals can live the longest? What is the middle value among the life expectancies (so-called median)?
  • Speed: Which of the animals is the fastest? Or the slowest? What is the most common speed among animals (so-called typical value)?
  • Conservation status: What is the most common conservation status?


Carry out additional research based on frequencies:
categorise the animals according to their lifespan into categories 1-5 years, 6-10 years, 11-15 years, etc.
Examine the frequencies in the different categories.


  1. Produce pieces of paper in different colors on which you write the central concepts, such as median, type value, minimum value and maximum value. Hand out the notes next to the various survey questions to the right people to clarify the correct answer.
  2. You can also take pictures of the different trails you create, so that the examples can be visually examined afterwards as well.


Idea from Lumatikka’s material.

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