LEGO board game

YOU WILL NEED: Printable board game, bricks, and a six-sided dice

  • Start by printing out a copy of the game. You can laminate it or put it in a page protector sheet for longevity.
  • Gather a bunch of basic building bricks such as 2x2s or 2x4s (use whatever works best for you)
  • Have the kiddos choose a minifigure as a game piece or build something fun to represent their player on the board
  • Determine who will go first by the highest die roll and start the play!
  • Whoever has the tallest tower at the end wins. Ideally, everyone should have the opportunity to finish the game.
  • Build your tower and count the bricks to determine the winner!
  • Play again and again.

Model of the board: LEGO-build-a-tower-game (PDF, 525kB)

Idea from littlebinforlittlehands

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