Jump Like a Frog

Jump and measure how far you jump on different surfaces using
different jumping methods.

What you need

  • Data sheet
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure or other measuring tool
  • Partner

What to do

  1. Find an open surface to do your jumping. (Use surfaces like cement, dirt
    and wood.)
  2. Make a starting line.
  3. Estimate how far you think you can jump.
  4. Jump as far as you can from the starting line.
  5. Measure the length of this jump and record it on the data chart.
  6. Continue to jump, but use different jumping styles (standing, from a squat and on one foot) on the different surfaces.
  7. Measure the length of each jump using different jumping styles and record on the data chart.

What to ask

  • How far do you think you can jump?
  • Which jumping style do you think will work the best? Why?
  • How did your estimates compare with your actual results?

Datasheet is included here: Jump Like a Frog (PDF, 416 kB)

Thanks to the Children’s Museum of Houston for the idea.

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