The ten-buddies

  • Thread a flower stick into the wooden wheel. Attach it with some glue if necessary.
  • Thread on beads. Decide what number your character will represent and thread that number of beads onto the stick.
  • Thread a wooden ball on top. This too can be attached with a little glue if needed.
  • Cut a few pieces of yarn. Put some glue on the ends and thread into the hole on the top of the wooden ball.
  • Paint the eyes, nose and mouth on the wooden ball.
  • Also write the number your friend represents on the wooden wheel.
  • Then try to see which friends belong together. Those who make 10 together belong together.
  • Which one will be alone?
  • Don’t forget to make two fives so that you can show the children that the twins five together make ten.

Thanks lekolar.se for the idea!

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