Recycling Scavenger Hunt


  • Recycling Scavenger Hunt Sheets
  • Scavenger hunt items
  • Bags for collecting items
  • Bins


  • Make your list. It can be a visual list. It can be as simple as cutting and pasting a few images from the internet into a word doc and printing. If you like you can use this: Recycling-Scavenger-Hunt-Sheets (PDF,315kB)
    Set-up the hunt.Hide the items belonging to every category before anyone sees you.
  • Pair kids up & set them free!Give one child the list and the other a bag and let them start looking.
  • Collect itemsYou can have three bins: blue, black, and green; and when the kids finished finding all the items on their list they can come and sort everything in the appropriate bins.

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