What you need: an empty milk carton, scissors, coloured pencils, craft glue, yarn in different colours. A barbecue stick, a straw and possibly some clothespins.

1. Drink up and wash out a milk carton.
2. Download the template (PDF, 82kB ) and cut out. The template includes one in colour and one that you can colour yourself. To make the rocket sturdy, cut out a piece of the milk carton that is the size of the malleable part.
3. Stick the rocket to the piece of milk carton and leave to dry.
4. Cut some fringes from fire-coloured yarn.
5. Cut a barbecue stick to about 11 cm. The barbecue sticks are soft and can be cut with a large pair of scissors.
6. Fold the rocket in half and put craft glue on the inside.

7. Place the barbecue stick all the way up to the fold. Then add the lashes to the bottom edge.
8. Press the rocket together, press it under something heavy or hold it together with clothespins until the glue has dried.
9. When the glue has dried, press more stick into a straw. Take a deep breath…

… and blow HARD and short! Reload and fire away again.

Thanks ARLA for the idea!

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