More, less, or just as much?

At the table with access to sink and water. (Or out in the rain?)

Two identical glasses for each child, a teaspoon of metal and preferably several small jugs of water, which the children themselves can pour out.

Before starting to explain briefly: ”We will learn new words with the help of water in glasses- We will learn words like more, less and as much. You will get two glasses each a small jug of water. First you will fill your glass, so that there is the same amount of water in both- ”When the children are done with this, we see if some children have the same amount, if some have less, etc.- By using the teaspoon we can hear if there is the same amount of water in all the glasses – does it sound the same?

Feel free to do the same activity in other words, such as higher, lower and equally high.

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