Planting in the Window

When spring comes, it is always interesting to see things grow. Here are two different ideas that make it possible to see the whole process how roots are formed and shoots sprout.
I give two ideas to choose from:

1. CD planting

If you have some old CD cases left over (also comes with plastic pockets), you can try to put some soil in them, moisten it and then put in some seeds and see how it grows.

Idea from @JeanettesKlassrum on Instagram

2. Grow in a plastic pocket

  • Soak a cloth, washcloth or a few layers of kitchen paper and place in a bag.
  • Staple the bag in the middle (so that the roots can fit downwards).
  • Put some beans in the bag (in the proposal they had used, among other things, large white beans that were soaked overnight)
  • Close the bag.
  • Hang up in the window
    You can try putting beans / seeds on both sides if you want to compare
    If you take pictures daily can you follow the process of the sprouting.

Idea Förskoleburken

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