Patterns and pattern recognition with LEGO

Part of mathematics is patterns and pattern recognition.

An easy way to do that is to use LEGO.

  1.  In the simplest variant, show the model, or a photo of a model and let the children build the same.
    The simplest variant here is to just look at the shape, the next step is to have the right colors with.
    (Also mention the colors and shapes to enhance the vision and hearing combination.)
  2. It will be a little more difficult if you only tell what the model looks like. First you take a yellow piece and then…
    The variant can be made for a child to tell as well. Or that the children sit back to back, one tells, the other builds and then they change.
  3. If you then want to add another level, you can tell / show a basic structure and then say how many times it should be repeated.
    This is where the programming idea of loops comes in.

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