Where does the sound come from?

Let one child at a time close their eyes, shake the container near one ear, the other ear, or at the neck of the child. Ask the child to tell you where the sound came from!
It is important that the rest of the group of children is as quiet as they can when performing this experiment, otherwise it will be difficult to hear the Sound!

Is sound heard everywhere?
Sound is conducted differently in different materials. That sound is heard even under water, you learn that when you dare to have your ears below the water surface, but that phenomenon can also be detected through a plastic container.
Ask the children (one at a time) to put one ear against a wooden object, and hold the other ear shut. Tap the wooden object lightly with the pen. Can it be heard? Continue with the other materials.
The children who dare, can lower their ears below the water surface in the pool if you bathe, then you tap with the pen against the pool edge.

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