Animals in the neck

Prepare as many patches as students. Choose animals that the students know and write one animal on each note (you can of course also have a picture).
Each pupil is then given a clothespin and a patch with an animal on. The patch should not be displayed to anyone else. Everyone attaches a patch to the neck of someone else in the group so everyone has a patch in the neck, but no one knows what patch you have yourself.
Have students mingle around. When two people meet, they must ask a yes / no question to each other. The purpose of the question is to find out which animal you have in the neck, for example: “Does my animal have wings?” After asking your question you have to guess what animal you have in the neck.
If you make a mistake, you may continue to mingle and ask a new question to someone else. Once you’ve figured out what animal you have, you’re done. But you can still mingle, and answer questions from those who have not yet figured out their animal.

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