What Is Floating Where?

There have been some experiments with floating here. I’ll give you one more. Then I have something else up my sleave.

Does everything flow in all kinds of fluids, or is it that some things can flow in water, but not in other liquids?

To try it, you can do the following experiment:

Measure out so it is equal amounts of water, oil and syrup, and pour them into the large jar, one liquid at a time. For the sake of effect, it may have a point to start with water, then oil and lastly the syrup. The liquids will layer.

Now it is time to choose an object and make a hypothesis: ”Will the chosen object float in the oil, in the water or in the syrup?”

A large glass jar
Cooking oil
Various items: grapes, screws, rubber bands, erasers, piece of candle, plastic and metal clips, large sequins, cork, coins, thumbtacks, pearl, nails, magnets …

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