Hide the stone – with clues

Stimulate and challenge children in their mathematical development. Work with the mathematical area of ​​locating by having children encounter different concepts and being challenged in formulating and listening to different concepts that indicate location.

• The hider of the stone goes away and finds a good hiding place for the stone. When the stone is hidden, the hider goes to the other participants and gives them a clue, for example that the stone is under something high beside some brown.
• The participants must now observe the surroundings and try to find the stone.
• If more clues are needed, all participants are reassembled and the hider gives more descriptions, for example that the stone is below something high that is brown and green, next to something long and brown, rather than something narrow and green.
• Participants continue to search. When the stone is found, the participant who found the stone may hide it.
As an adult, it is important to support both the hider and the explorer in formulating and interpreting the concepts used.

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