Soap Bubble ideas

Summer heat and soap bubbles work well together!

Try to make soap bubble art: Pröva att göra konst med hjälp av såpbubblor.

  • Mix soap mixture with liquid watercolor paint.
  • Collect a bundle of straws together.
  • Put the bundle in the color mixture.
  • Then blow the bubbles onto paper – they create beautiful patterns.
  • Bend aluminum foil in different shapes and soak them in the seed solution.
  • Blow the bubbles on the paper.Why not take a look at some chemistry at the same time –

    Blow soap bubbles through geometric figures:

  • The children form geometric figures of aluminum wire.
  • What shape does a soap bubble come from a square stick?
  • From an oval?
  • What do that depend on?Blås såpbubblor genom olikt formade pinnar.

    Again, thanks for the ideas!

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