What does: more, less, equal mean?


Two identical glasses for each child, a metal teaspoon and preferably several small jugs of water, which the children can pour themselves.


Before starting, briefly explain: ’We are going to learn new words using water in glasses- We are going to learn words like more, less and equal. You are given two glasses each and a small jug of water. First, you will fill your glasses so that there is an equal amount of water in both…” When the children have finished this, we see if some children have the same amount, if some have less, etc. By using teaspoons, we can hear if there is the same amount of water in all the glasses – does it sound the same?


Can all children understand the game? Does everyone want to join in?


Do the children understand your explanations and instructions?


Be aware that not all children aged 5 understand the expressions the first time they are presented to them. Therefore, put a little extra pressure on the target words so that the children hear them, and explain them several times in different ways.


Do the same activity with other words, such as higher, lower and equal.

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