Forms of Expression for Natural Science

Skolverket.seThe Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) has a good article about different ways of communicating about and documenting scientific experiences.

The article gives down-to-earth tips on how to present what you come up with in different ways, for example as a photo book (Book Creator works well for that), or make a blog (maybe try AudioMemos to create and SoundCloud to upload). Or why not do an advertising campaign (maybe use Pupet Pals to make small movies, or iMotion if you want to use green-screen technology). Or maybe even a blog? (Easy to do on Pedanet, or WordPress)

Working with learning through a presentation deepens the thinking about what they have learned and anchors it better in the memory, that you can also connect a little digital technology makes it a more exciting and develops their abilities in the digital field.

I recommend that you take a look at ”Expression forms for Discoverers” on the National Agency for Education’s page. (Note: the article is in Swedish.)

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