How much can a magnet carry?

An experiment that contains both science and practical mathematics. Alex counted for 137 nails that stuck to the magnet and could certainly have counted longer if the nails in the box had not run out. Can all magnets hold the same number of things, or does it differ, and if so, why? Something to look into!

If you like, you can start by:

Make your own magnet

Take a magnet and stroke a needle several times (about 20 times needed) after the end of the magnet, but always in the same direction, not back and forth. Try picking up some metal with the needle / needle. Is it working? Then you have made a magnet that turns so that it has the north end towards the magnetic south pole and the south end towards the magnetic north pole.

By pulling the magnet toward the needle, many of the iron atoms in the needle rotate so that their magnetic fields begin to interact. This causes the needle to start acting like a magnet.

How strong is your magnet?

  • What can it pull?
  • How much can it lift?
  • How many train carriages can the magnet hold simultaneously in a long chain, before the chain is broken?
  • Can it make metal objects jump off the table?
  • How high in that case?
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