Thalassa Diary

Report about the 24.08.2011, fourth day at sea:

By: Vainö and Toni

Our fourth day at sea started at 04:00 UTC, noticing we were heeling quite a lot and speed was awesome. Too bad was that the race would end in about an hour. So we got this spectacular wind a bit too late and it was getting stronger and stronger after the race had ended. Atleast we were sailing at last and there was no reason for starting the engine, so we continued with sail power for the rest of the day.

Time was running and we were passing  Gotland, wich took whole day, but we were at least seeing some land after few days in the middle of the sea. Gotlands coast was looking beautiful, with its steep rocks and few houses and trees. For the dinner Jelle had cooked delicious fish, potatoes and salad, with some garlic sauce.

At some point there was time for fishing. Alltought we didn’t catch anything, it was a nice way to spend time onboard. And also a good way to hang out with other crew.

Wind was still rising, and we gained speed, but we wanted more so we were allowed to lift one more sail, flying jib. We were able to do it all by ourselves, even thought it was quite challenging and it felt great afterwards. This gave us 0.5 knots more speed so we were travelling about 6,5 knots towards home.