The environmental competence of Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) staff will be strengthened through a training path in sustainable development. Everyone working at TAI will complete at least the basic-level sustainability training. It will include completing The Handprint of a Professional training provided by SYKLI Environmental College and familiarising oneself with TAI’s sustainability material and playing the game attached to the material.

How to complete the training:

  1. Complete the course Introduction to Sustainability on Professional’s Handprint online courses. The course provides comprehensive basic information on sustainable development and the green transition.
  2. Carefully read the contents of this sustainability material and follow the links. The sustainability material describes how TAI takes sustainable development into account in its activities.
  3. Once you have familiarised yourself with the sustainability material, test your knowledge by playing the Seppo game (in Finnish). When you have passed the game, you have completed the training.

The levels of Introduction to Sustainability programme at TAI

Level 1: For all
* The course Introduction to Sustainability and the test on it on The Handprint of a Professional website.
* This sustainability material and the related test
Level 2: For those interested in keeping up sustainable actions
* Ekotuki training of the City of Turku
Level 3: For those interested in developing responsibility in the sector
* Sector-specific courses and tests on The Professional’s Handprint website
Level 4: For a selected group of people committed to comprehensive development
* Environmental educator training (Specialist Vocational Qualification in Sustainability and Environmental Technology) under an apprenticeship

Content of sustainability material

  1. Green transition at TAI
  2. TAI’s Sustainable Development Goals
  3. TAI’s sustainable actions
  4. Carbon wisdom
  5. Circular economy
  6. Sustainable development in teaching and student engagement
  7. Monitoring of sustainable development at TAI

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