Art students in Lapland: Tuesday, Sami University in Kautokeino

Sámi University in Kautokeino. The building is located on a hill with a great view over Kautokeino. Some nearby fells are visible in the distance. Inside we were impressed by the modern design which had delicately absorbed impressions and scenes from the traditional Sámi huts and in indigenous animals. We had a former student guiding us through the building. There were quite a few details and artworks put in the everyday objects of the school, such as stairway railings or benches. There are just over a hundred students in the Sámi University, but they have an excellent environment for research and originality in such a location and with such facilities. In the end of the excursion our quide, sami man himself sang as a joik about getting trough the troubles and winning them .

Jaakko Lahdenkauppi