Wäinö Aaltonen School in English

Wäinö Aaltonen School is a primary school for pupils from 1st till 6th grade. In the finnish educational system this means ages from 7 till 12.


There are 19 classes with classteachers and two special education teachers. We also have a german-english teacher in our board. The head of the school is mrs Tiina Paappa.

Total amount of pupils is about 420.

We are located on the beautiful isle of Hirvensalo about six kilometres from Turku city center.

pikisaariTurku urban area is the third most important urban area in Finland with about 300 000 inhabitants of which 190 000 in the city of Turku.
Turku is the oldest city in Finland founded in the 13th century.
Wäinö Aaltonen is the national sculptor of finnish independence time whose works of art can be found for instance in the finnish house of parlament (eduskuntatalo) in Helsinki and in many other cities in Finland.
Wäinö Aaltonen was a pupil in our school about a century ago. That is why the school is named after him.
 The curriculum of WA-school is very much based on the use of IT and modern media.
There is a computer or a tablet device available for every second pupil. The total amount of devices is about 250. Thus the teachers in our school can build their teaching on modern approach. The teachers also use web based learning platforms like Moodle or Edmodo in their teaching.
In WA-school we also broadcast our own YouTube-program weekly with the name Wäiski-TV.
This program is made by the pupils in our school.
Try on YouTube with search word ”Wäiski TV”, please!