Yläkoulun oppilaiden ajatuksia koronasta ja sen vaikutuksista

Kahdeksasluokkalaiset ilmaisivat ajatuksiaan koronasta englanniksi aineenkirjoituksen yhteydessä. Alla muutamia aineista poimittuja ajatuksia:

”Now we are back to distance learning again. Luckily it is easier than the first time. The technology works better and the tasks are easier. I think it’s because this time we know what to do and how to do it.”

”I am so bored because I am always on my phone, sleeping or eating and I am getting really lazy.”

”On my birthday I wanted to go out and eat with my friends but all the restaurants were closed so I just went to the store and bought food instead.”

” We have to be thankful that we live in Finland because the situation is more dangerous in other countries”

”Frustration. I think that would be the word with which I could best define this situation.”

”I totally miss seeing people’s faces without the face mask on.”

”Sometimes, in distance learning,  the whole class forgets an upcoming test and we have to read through the night to prepare for it.”

”Distance learning is the most terrible thing I’ve ever tried.”

”I really miss my relatives and especially my grandparents because it’s not recommendable to go and visit them. It’s so sad, because I really care about them.”

”One of the hardest things is that I can’t meet my friends and hang out with them.”

”If I could choose between distance learning and normal school I would definitely pick normal school. The tests are harder in distance learning and when you study at school you can see and meet your friends.”

”I feel stressed because of my studies and the thought that this will never end.”

”All people talk about is the covid-19, I can’t even stand the word anymore because my mood changes and then they announce some new rules again.”

”I really hope that we can return to our normal lives soonWe have to keep our hopes up and live in the moment.”