Enrolment into a CLIL or immersion class

You will find instructions for enrolling your child into a CLIL or immersion class on the schools’ websites, or by contacting the Head of the school. Enrolment into these classes follows the same principles as normal school enrolment. Pupils register with the school in January of the same year they are to begin school. Schools make notifications of enrolment times in the media and in letters to families.

For whom is foreign language teaching intended?

All children enrolling in CLIL and immersion classes are required to have feasible skills in Finnish relevant to the level for their age. Pupils enrolling in these classes in the first grade are not required to know the particular foreign language. When enrolling in a class other than the first grade, then pupils should have sufficient knowledge of the particular foreign language for that grade level.

Families moving to Finland from abroad may also enrol their children in these classes. The method of teaching offers these children the opportunity to continue their studies in the language in question and to strengthen their skills in Finnish.

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