Syvälahti School in English

Syvälahti School, which is situated in the city of Turku, started to operate in August in 2018 as a school and an environment dedicated to student-based approach to learning.

Syvälahti School is an institution in public education.Student range is from 6 to 16 years old. From age ranges 6-12 there are 220 pupils and from age ranges 13-16 there are 460 pupils in our school (school year 2020 – 2021).The maximum capacity in school is approx. 780 pupils/students.

Syvälahti School is one part in Syvälahti Multifunctional Center, one kind of Community Center.  In addition to the school the school building houses a kindergarten, a public youth center, a public library, some social services personnel, a psychologist, a nurse and a doctor and a maternity clinic.  With these services we are very closely tied with the local community.

All-encompassing approach can be seen through the building, especially at school.  It was the common theme in the planning and designing of the building and selecting its furniture as well.

These links will explain this idea better (here is the architect’s page on the school building)

Here is the supplier of furniture:  Page before mentioned includes also a video of the school.

Syvälahti School prides on its low hierarchy where all in the school community from kitchen services to headmaster of the school has a say in how the school is run and its culture is formed.  We are working together.

Syvälahti School has excellent and enthusiastic teachers committed to finding the best possible ways for students to learn – be it for instance computer, game or drama based learning.

Our goal is to travel towards a way in which the school monitors, faster than usual, changes in the world, without forgetting that our number one priority is to support the growth of pupils.

Syvälahti School; every day a little bit better.  Calmly, without rushing.

If you are interested in visiting our school, please contact the headmaster via e-mail: