Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup dosen´t  taste like anything, bet it´s still my favorite food. I LOVE Spinach Soup. It taste´s SOOOO good. The Spinach Soup that I like has in it: Milk, Spinach, and more. I like Spinach Soup with and without egg. Cause Spinach Soup has milk if you have lactose-intolerance you should take a lactose-free one, to me it taste’s weird bet i have to eat it.

outback steakhouse

When I go to outback steakhouse my favorite food to eat is a bacon hamburger its so delicious it tastes like something magical would happen in your mouth and after that as a dessert I took a thunder from down under it was so big  that you had to share it unless you haven’t had food in like 24h  I recommend this to everyone that likes steak and stuff like that


Burgers are good. There the second best food in the world. Nam…….. Oh and you can find burger’s in fancy restourant’s or in fast food restaurant’s. Burgers is SOOO good.

Article – Favourite food

Hello my pretty chickens! (Yes, I’m going to call you chickens)

This is an article/ a review of my absolute favourite food (Apart from churros), Thai food!

Thai food consists mainly of noodles and spices with some form of meat or fish/shrimp. The coconut milk in the broth will turn either a yellowish or reddish color depending on the spices you use in your dish.

Thai food is very popular among my family, from my little cousins to my great grandmother. Thai food can usually be found in various places, but mostly in restaurants and take-away places. It’s not really that hard to make either! At least in my opinion.

I hope this article encourages others to get up and try Thai food and maybe understand (from experience) why it’s my favourite food out of all others 🙂

Except for churros.

Those are the best.

Thank you for reading this far, goodbye now 🙂



Winter is coming.


  1. I PLAY ICE HOKEY. I AM A GOALie. I LIKE ICE HOCKEY. ALSO I LIKE FOOTBALL. I LIKE MANY SPORTS LIKE BASEBALL BASKETBALL  FLOOR BALL HANDBALL BEACHBALL  CYCLING AND RUNNING AM AT THE RAUNISTULAN SCHOOL.AND I HAVE MANY FRIENDS.my  favourite food is macarone. i like it with ketcup   .macarone tast good because i eat it often.Again from sports i am also a scout.

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