Teaching in the English Enrichment classes at Syvälahti school, grades 7-9

Syvälahti School will open its doors on the first of August in 2018. The English enrichment classes of Lu-ostarivuori Secondary School and Wäinö Aaltonen School will then be transferred to Syvälahti. This ap-plies to the English enrichment classes in grades 7-9. Grades 1-6 will continue at Wäinö Aaltonen School.

What and how

  • to offer the pupils a chance to use English as a tool for learning
  • to encourage pupils to express themselves in English
  • to obtain stronger language skills than in basic education

Several subjects will be taught in English. The proportion of English used in those subjects will be about 25%.

The teachers will follow the curriculum in each subject (this applies also to the assessment).

In an English enrichment class, it is possible to organize a voluntary, one-week trip to an English- speak-ing country at the expense of the family.

Contact us

Vanha Kakskerrantie 8, 20900 Turku
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Headmaster Jarmo Salo
tel +358 50 4323688

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