The Competent Learning Process

Summary of the Project
Project Start Date: 01-09-2017
Project Total Duration (Months): 36
Coordinator: Östra svenska dagvårdsenheten, Turku, Finland / Hanna Karlsson
Patcipants: Early childhood educators and primary level educators, focus on ages 0-9 years
The Project aims to develop the pedagogues understanding of the details that are crucial for a good learning process and to create a model for evaluating the wholeness of the learning process. The emphasis is on the process not on the children’s individual learning results.

What are the needs of the future adults? We need to develop education so that children can reach the competences needed in the future. What does it mean in my work with the children? How can I know how we are doing, are we succeeding? Is the child being active; do the children’s interest mold our learning process?

The national curriculums gives all the participating schools the subjects and competences to be reached in the learning process. In addition we now have a joint list of Competences developed by the European Commission. The European Commission aims to strengthen ‘key competences’ – knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help learners find personal fulfilment and, later in life, find work and take part in society.